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Blischenko Congress

About Congress

Since 2002 the Department of international law of the RUDN University holds an annual research conference on international law issues. Soon the conference acquired the status of an all-Russian research conference as a large number of leading Moscow universities and universities of other parts of the Russian Federation take part in it.

The research forum is held in memory of Igor Pavlovich Blischenko, one of the famous Soviet researchers, international lawyer and world-famous practitioner. He was the head of the Department of international law for 20 years. During this time, the Department has formed its own school of international law of RUDN University.

Due to the increase of the number of participants and proposed topics, the annual conference acquired a new status and was renamed as the Blischenco Congress.

According to the data of the 2019 Congress, 18 sections and round tables were organized with the following topics: Africa and international law (in English); International aviation law; International law: new threats and challenges; International criminal law. 25 years since the establishment of the International Tribunal for Rwanda; International legal problems of disaster risk reduction; International economic law; Environmental protection: interaction of international and national law (in English); International protection of human rights (in English); International humanitarian law; International legal protection of indigenous peoples. International year of indigenous languages; Integration law in the system of international law; International legal problems of migration; UN and other international intergovernmental organizations and entities. Multilateral diplomacy (in English); Regional systems for the protection of human rights; International law of the sea; International space law; International sports law; Theory of international law.

More than 700 people from 50 countries, 40 regions of Russia and 100 universities took part in the Congress 2019.

Some congresses were given the status of official events declared by the UN as part of the «International Years» on such topics as: «The International year of Pulses», «The Year of Indigenous Languages», «International Year of Plant Health».

The annual Blishchenko Congresses are widely recognized as an important research forum of international significance for world-famous and young reearchers, as well as practitioners. The agenda is concerned with challenges of international law, issues of comparative law, as well as topics of an intersectoral and interdisciplinary nature.