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Internships at the IACHR

The Inter-American Commission has an internship program that is managed in conjunction with the OAS Internship Program. It gives young students and those recently graduated from the OAS Member States the opportunity to learn about the IACHR and work in applying the protection mechanisms provided by the inter-American human rights system. One of the benefits of this program is that after the internship, the acquired knowledge is used in the intern’s home country.
The IACHR has opportunities for law students and recently graduated lawyers, as well as for students or recent graduates of international cooperation and fundraising, journalism, graphic design, computer information technology and translation. The IACHR Press Office receives students and recent graduates in journalism, graphic design and Web design, offering the opportunity to learn and work in the promotion of human rights in the region. In addition, the IACHR receives students and recent graduates in translation who can work in at least two of the four official languages of the OAS (English, Spanish, Portuguese and French), as well as computer information technology majors.
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Internship Programme at OHCHR

Purpose of the internship programme
1. Internships for graduate students are available at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). These internships are intended to:
a) increase the intern's understanding of current human rights issues at the international level and give them an insight into the work of the United Nations and OHCHR in particular; and 
b) provide OHCHR and the United Nations Human Rights mechanisms with the assistance and contribution of outstanding young students or graduates.
2. The relationship between the Organization and the intern is one of mutual benefit. Interns are assigned to an organizational unit of OHCHR according to the needs of the Office and their own areas of interest. They are involved, inter alia, in: researching human rights issues, drafting analytical papers and reports, providing substantive and technical servicing of meetings, backstopping fact-finding and technical cooperation activities as well as field operations and supporting other OHCHR activities, depending on the exigencies of the Office. As part of the internship programme, OHCHR endeavours to brief interns through a series of information sessions on human rights issues conducted by staff of the Office.
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EIUC Venice School of Human Rights

EIUC Venice School of Human Rights was born in 2010 with the goal of studying today’s challenges in the field of human rights. It allows its participants coming from all over the world to list these challenges and examine their reasons and possible solutions they can deploy. The EIUC Venice School at the same time, combines theory and practice and its faculty involves both academics and practitioners. The Venice School intends to highlight that the respect for human rights is the responsibility of all, that «Human Rights are our responsibility».

International Labour Organization

Internship in Sustainable Enterprises Development
3-6 months
An internship with the ILO’s office in Moscow provides an opportunity to:
(a) Increase understanding of relevant issues at the international level by involving interns directly in the work of the Office and the application of ILO principles, programmes and strategies;
(b) Gain practical work experience with the ILO directly related to their field of studies.
The internship programme is not intended to lead to a career in the ILO. There should be no expectation of further employment at the end of the internship.

Программный офис Совета Европы в России 

Прием заявок на прохождение стажировки осуществляется каждые два месяца.
К участию в конкурсе приглашаются выпускники и учащиеся последних курсов вузов, заинтересованные в получении опыта работы в московском офисе международной организации.
Требования к кандидатам:
свободное владение устным и письменным английским языком. Знание французского языка приветствуется.
возможность работы полный рабочий день.
Для участия в конкурсе просьба  направить резюме и мотивационное письмо на русском и английском языках.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

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European Economic and Social Committee

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Court of Justice of the European Union

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The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI)

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